We love agility. We love our children.
We love their smiles after a good training session.
This is Funna® Revolution!


Funna® makes Agility fun for children. They grow to move in good balance and understanding of movement with dogs. Thru encouragement we provide the child with happy times in agility.


Funna® combines the best practices of other sports and makes agility handler training a comprehensive workout. We exercise the balance, motoric skills, coordination, running and handling techniques through games and fun.


Funna® Family consist certified agility coaches with high quality training. The coach training is provided by Funna Oy that operates in Finland, one of the world’s leading agility countries.
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Welcome to the world of Funna® Agility

Funna® is an dog agility ideology built on children’s terms. Proper agility, but also versatile exercise for a growing child. The training supports child’s motor skills, teamwork and dog handling skills respecting the child and the dog.

Funna is designed for 5-12 years old handlers with skilled dogs. Just like in horseback riding, the skilled dog allows the children to grow into true athletes and success. This commits the child to the sport and increases the ability of the child to participate later in hobby groups and to train a young dog.

Let’s also remember the companionship between the child and the dog. Where a dog supports the child’s emotional growth it also activates the child to move, play, love and live in the moment. Many of our exercises are easy to train at home and we encourage the children to participate in the dog’s daily activities.

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What makes Funna® special?

A child has a very little patience and ability to consentrate on a single thing. Have you ever put an 5 year old to wait for his turn for 30 minutes? Funna® method is created by a mother and a long-term agility handler, Hilma Larkela. The children in Hilma’s multiple training groups have given their opinion on the structure of the lessons and participated in the creation of the exercises. The joy and development of Funna® kids is the key factor of the training. We bring the children together to train in motoric-skills and coordination. They get to run around on different tasks to develop their motion and turning techniques. We challenge them. And then they get to succeed with the dog on the final, well adopted exercise. Funna® provides more times agility and helps them become better handlers






Who are we?

In 2016 Hilma sat down on a coaches meeting of a local dog club in Mynämäki, Finland. She had an idea of a childrens group. Bit of brainstorming with colleques and the 1st ever #agiliikkari started in Mynämäki that autumn. Children loved it. A bit later, a small group of passionate parents sat down to talk about the future of agility and #agiliikkari. That day the Funna Oy was founded to take over the consept and to start the revolution. Values like agility for all and lifelong learning brought us together. We embrace the joy of a dog sports and the companionship we have with our dog. We are creating the future for agility. Through children. With you.

Hilma Larkela Founder & Main Coach
Emma Mäkelä Co-founder & Management
Päivi Kynkäänniemi Co-founder
Olli Larkela Co-founder & Long Term Junior Football Coach

Selected pieces of Funna experience now available for home use

Funna® provides high quality coach training for agility instructors and athletes as well as Funna® lessons for the children. All Funna® coaches are certified and their licenses are updated annually. Coach training includes studies of child’s motororic growth, group leading and safety.

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