Woof woof! Bark, arf, woof!

Let me translate that for you. That means in dog: “Hi hi! I’m so happy to meet you, hello!”

I am Cosmo. I’m the official Funna® Dog and I teach YOU how to do agility! But let me start from the beginning, and don’t worry, I’ll tell it to you in English:

When I joined my family, Fanny wasn’t here yet. I was a pioneer agility dog with Fanny’s mom, running from agility contest to another, winning along the way. You’ve maybe heard about “The Super Agility Dog Cosmo, Who’s The Best Of Them All!” … What, you haven’t? Oh my, that’s odd…

Well, when Fanny was born some years later, suddenly my winning streak stopped. No, not stopped, but halted. My mom didn’t have much time to do agility anymore, so I concentrated on taking care of this little person. As Fanny grew up, we started doing agility again, and I was so happy to see how well I remembered all the cues and techniques. Sometimes Mommy took Fanny to the agility classes with us and what surprised the both of us was that Fanny mimicked Mommy while she was running with me. That’s when we realised the potential in that little girl.

Even though Fanny seemed like a natural talent in agility, she had difficulty learning like the adults. I felt so bad for her when I saw her enthusiasm transform into frustration. At one point Fanny even swore that she will never go back to the classes again… That’s when Mother, luckily, found this agility group called Funna®. She proposed it to Fanny right away and the little girl’s eyes lit up! We were back at the game again!

Because I was a talented agility veteran, our Funna® Coach asked if I could teach the other children too. Of course, the answer was “YES”, because even though I’m living the dog’s life, running and doing agility is just so fun and energizing to me that more of it was welcomed! That’s when my winning streak started again, goal after goal, one child’s enthusiastic smile after another! I knew this was where I was meant to be. I just love running with the children on Funna® lessons!

So that’s how I became a Funna® Dog and I’m here with Fanny and Fabian teaching YOU the secret of dog agility. And you know what makes you succeed in Agility? It’s the support our coach and I provide you. Because you succeed every time you try, it’s just that simple!

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