Hi, my name is Fabian, it is nice to meet you!

Fanny is my friend and she lives next door with her family and their dog Cosmo. One day as I was watching her do some handling exercising in their backyard with Cosmo, she asked if I wanted to try too. I did and she invited me to join this dog agility group called “Funna®”. As I play soccer and I love dogs, my mom thought Funna® could be something for me to try.

The first time I arrived in the Funna® class, I felt really nervous because everyone in the group already knew each other. I’m so glad I went there with Fanny since she made sure I fit right in. When we joined the other kids, I instantly forgot how tense I was!

As we started running through the course to learn it, Fanny was my partner. Can you imagine, we were just like dogs! And my favourite thing? It is to dive into the tunnel!

You know, between us… I might like Funna® even more than soccer. Why? Because Fanny lets me run with her dog Cosmo and Cosmo knows exactly what to do. It understands what I mean, so it is easier for me to concentrate on learning agility. The first time I tried to clear the course, I NAILED IT! I was so happy! I really can’t wait for more Funna® classes, since it makes me feel so energized after.

I hope SO HARD that someday I have my own dog with whom I can continue agility with… I can’t have my own dog yet since my father is allergic, but some day. Hmm, I wonder what name I’m going to give it…?

It was so FUNNA® to meet you!

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