Well hello there! We are Funna®! We are here to bring you the joyous word of Funna®, an agility concept that has been made particularly children in mind.

Have you noticed, that children nowadays don’t move as much as they did before? Somehow the game consoles and different apps are more interesting than the vibrant, ultra-HD graphics you see in the real world. Well, Funna® is here to change exactly that!

What Funna® is?

Funna® is dog agility on children’s terms. Our mission is to create more active children, who know their own body. As we focus solely on children aged 5-12, we can concentrate on supporting the child’s growth physically as well as emotionally. Mainly, Funna® consist of various exercises that strengthen children’s motor skills, balance and coordination. Our goal is to teach children an active and healthy life style that lasts throughout their whole life.

Even though we’re a dog agility specialised in children, the dogs are only a minor part in our classes, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important! They have very crucial role in our teachings. As we use dogs already familiar with agility, they have this amazing ability to read even the weakest cues the child gives them. That makes the child experience success, which furthers their positive take on this sport and exercise in general.

Funna® Kids always come up with excellent exercises all by themselves!

We involve the children in our classes. They can come up with new exercises what makes them even more connected with Funna® lessons and other children. We make the children engage with various exercises introducing them in the form of a play. We make them learn the course through dog’s eyes, so they are able to understand the dog more, how it might behave in various situations, or if it’s even possible for the dog to see the cues. Learning in a group and with a dog teaches child empathy amongst other positive mental conditions.

“We believe that positivity is the real way to make emotionally and physically strong adults, who believe in themselves and associate exercise with happiness.”

We in Funna® believe in teaching the children the positive way – praises and positive energy to assure that the child leaves the class with a content smile on their faces, already exited for the next lesson! We believe this is the real way to make emotionally and physically strong adults, who believe in themselves and associate exercise with happiness. So, Funna® is not only about physical fitness!

Learn more about our revolution on and check us out in social media @funnarevolution. Let’s have FUNNA® FUN together!

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