What makes Funna method so special?

Have you ever put an 5year old to wait for his turn for 30 minutes?

Funna® method is created by a mother and a long-term agility handler, Hilma Larkela. The children in Hilma’s multiple training groups have given their opinion on the structure of the lessons and participated in the creation of the exercises. The joy and development of Funna® kids is the key factor of the training. 

Funna lesson combines the best practices of other sports and makes agility handler training a comprehensive workout. We exercise the balance, coordination, motoric skills, running and handling techniques to games and fun.


We bring the children together to train in motoric-skills and coordination. They get to run around on different tasks to develop their motion and turning techniques. We challenge them. And then they get to succeed with the dog on the final, well adopted exercise.

Funna® provides more time agility and helps them become better handler.

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What a win-win hour! Child gets activated and challenged, the dog gets his daily activity and parent gets out walking and making new friends too. 4 strikes for an hour

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