Try This Amazing Workout by Funna Kids!

March 10, 2019 - Hilma

On Funna lessons we encourage the children to participate on creation of the exercises. It’s fun, empowering, motivates the kids to be creative and makes them more interested to do the workout. And they do great work improvising workouts!

Go try this ab + coordination challenge they came up with during our coaching:

 Sit down facing each other, legs on 90° angle, toes almost touching 
Tap your feet with your partner, right foot to right foot and left to left for few times 
Lay down on your back
Tap your feet with your partner again, peeking to see each other’s feet are OK 
Repeat while laying down

How fast can you go?

This was a fun! Great workout for abs, eye-feet coordination and timing! For siblings, friends and adults with their offspring. Also adaptable to handler & dog exercise: Have your dog to touch your feet with his paws or nose.

Try it and share how it goes on social media using #funnafun!