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You are now taking your first steps to become a certified Funna® coach!

This Funna® coach training is provided by the Funna Oy, as well as professionals of teaching and various sports fields. 

All materials are only for you and shall not be distributed.

Congratulations, we are glad to have you onboard.


On Funna® coach training, you will learn about coaching in general, coaching children, how one’s motor skills develop and how to train those skills and coordination. You will look into yourself, define your a coach profile and get feedback as well as sparring whenever you need it.

We will look onto the safety issues of training, get to know the ideology of Funna®, and we will guide you to set up your first Funna® group. But first, we’ll look behind the coaching and set your facilities and permits up to date.


The coach training includes 7 modules. Every module starts with a short intro and includes 3-10 lessons or chapters. You can go through the modules in any order you want, but the lessons are to be completed in the given order. To complete a lesson, you must return the given homework, quiz or questionnaire.

This course and the materials will be at your use even after you qualify.


Whenever you need help, sparring or you have any questions, you can reach us from the site.

If needed, you can always send us an email (hilma@funna.fi) or a WhatsApp message for Hilma at (+358) 400 145876.  

We are here for you.

let's begin

In the first chapters of this course you will need to do some research on your own. Prepare to use some time with google and local authorities.

We hope that you remember that great success is built on a solid foundation and that you really need to pay attention to the groundwork.


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