Funna Oy intends to change the idea of junior agility

November 1, 2018 - Hilma

Funna ™ is an agility concept built for children. Children have been able to influence the structure and exercises of Funna lessons. Funna combines the exercises of many sports with the aim of developing a young handler´s motor skills, balance and coordination. Running and handling technique training has been made fun for the children as fun is one of the biggest goals of Funna lessons.Where the dog supports the child’s emotional growth, dog agility makes an excellent activating hobby. Once on the track you cannot concentrate on anything other than the task ahead; your motion, obstacles and the dog. This challenges the handler like a mobile and computer games. That why Funna ™ works so well with the children. Adding motor-skills and physics training to the traditional agility training the Funna™ method will benefit the child for the rest of his life. In Funna ™ lessons a skilled dog guides the child on the adventure to the agility.

“We grow active children who know their own body. We support their growth in sports and what not, to become active dog athletes. However, it is important for us to support the growth of the child and to bring them in to the joy of dog sport. “

Agility, like other types of dog sports, are in a strong boom. There are about 14,000 enthusiasts in Finland and approximately same in Britain. The markets in Europe are wide. Funna Oy is heading first to Germany and Sweden. Spain, Italy and Britain coming soon after. Funna continues the work of the agility form known in Finland as Agiliikkari. Kids need a different kind of approach to this challenging sport than adults. We offer it. Parents also appreciate a coach trained specifically for guiding children. The new company not only offers Funna ™ lessons, it’s training new Funna™ coaches. Most of the turnover will come from the coach training and licenses.

“Our goal is to train a dozen of coaches in the first few years and support their important brand work around the world. We will also develop our offerings for the future years and for the needs of other special groups. “

Funna Oy was established on April 25, 2018 and the launch of the service started in August. Business Finland supports Funna Oy’s brand work with innovation funding.

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