Welcome to the world of Funna® Agility

Funna® is an dog agility ideology built on children’s terms. Proper agility, but also versatile exercise for a growing child. The training supports child’s motor skills, teamwork and dog handling skills respecting the child and the dog.

Funna is designed for 5-12 years old handlers with skilled dogs. Just like in horseback riding, the skilled dog allows the children to grow into true athletes and success. This commits the child to the sport and increases the ability of the child to participate later in hobby groups and to train a young dog.

Let’s also remember the companionship between the child and the dog. Where a dog supports the child’s emotional growth it also activates the child to move, play, love and live in the moment. Many of our exercises are easy to train at home and we encourage the children to participate in the dog’s daily activities.

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