The Beginning

January 4, 2019 - Hilma

Before our revolution got the name “Funna – more times agility” we had been working on a name “Agiliikkari” in Finland.

Our journey began in 2016 when the 1st ever Agiliikari group was established in Mynämäki, after Hilma (the founder of Agiliikkari and Funna®) realized it was something that had been called for; something else for children to do, another fun way to make them active. Essi, Hilma’s then 5-year-old daughter, was the youngest in the group but had been running several courses with Shiba “Hupi”. These Agiliikkari sessions created the frame for the Funna ideology. You can see Essi on several pictures and training material we publish now handling her own Swedish Vallhud puppy or her mum’s Working Kelpie. Even Hupi, now 13,5 years, gets an occasional run on a track.

The Funna® Revolution is here!

Funna® is an dog agility ideology built on children’s terms. Proper agility, but also versatile exercise for a growing child. The training supports child’s motor skills, teamwork and dog handling skills respecting the child and the dog.

Funna® method is created by a mother and a long-term agility handler, Hilma Larkela. The children in Hilma’s multiple training groups have given their opinion on the structure of the lessons and participated in the creation of the exercises. The joy and development of Funna® kids is the key factor of the training.

Funna® is designed for 5-12 years old handlers with skilled dogs. Just like in horseback riding, the skilled dog allows the children to grow into true athletes and success!

Got interested? Join the Funna® revolution today – we promise you it’s going to be Funna fun!