Always remember to warmup!

November 26, 2018 - Hilma

We often take a good care warming up our team mate – the dog. But do you pay attention to your own warm up routine? The handler’s body and physique is under a heavy load on a course, where the relatively short run (approx 200m) varies in speed and turns. A good warm up makes the run easier and safer.

We collected a set of great warm up exercises to a routine you can now purchase on our website. This routine will:

  • gently prepare you for turns
  • connect your sight-hand-feet for a smooth, well coordinated motion
  • warm you up from the toes to the mind
  • help prevent injuries like strain and tears
  • surprise you how good it feels to run after a good warm up

The habit of warming up is important for us all. This routine suits you as well as our juniors and seniors. Maybe it’s time to warm up together?

P.S. A warmup routine is a great mental tool for nerves before trails.

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