Welcome to FCI Agility World Championships 2019 in Turku

September 10, 2019 - Hilma

countdown 9 days

Within a week, our hometown Turku will meet the worlds top agility dogs and their handlers. Our Funna kids are so exited and many of them are coming to the Gatorade Arena to follow the competition. We will be there too, you will find the Funna stand among others. Come greet us!

As it happens, our main coach Hilma has grown up next to the Arena and we collected some tips for everybody coming to the competition.


Use public transportation. Busses come and go and they welcome dogs on board free of charge. Drivers do have the right to limit that if a passenger is allergic, dogs are not well behaving or there are many of them.  No muzzle collars needed.  The bus ticket can be purchased before hand or from the driver with cash.

In Turku, we have no subway or trams. But if you head out of Turku, you can travel on a train in a pet wagon. 

Walk your dog

When walking your dog, note that dogs are to be kept in a leash unless you are on a dog park. Collect all of your dog’s droppings. 

The Arena is placed next to the Riding Center of Artukainen and horses are common in the nearby roads. Most horses are used to dogs and traffic but still, remember to give them room when passing by.

You will find a nice path by a small Raisionjoki-river from the Gatorade Arena to a nearby dog park in Härkämäki. The walk is some what 2km long and that dog park is lighted. 

Another dog park near to Gatorade Arena is in Pansio-Perno. That’s the neighborhood where Hilma grew up and used to walk her dog. Walk from the Arena takes 2,5km and once you are there, take a tour behind the sport center to the end of road “Laivateollisuudenkatu” where there is a historical after war “Erik Bryggman’s shipbuilders village” for the 40’s.

For a little hiking experience, you can walk around the Haunisten allas. The walk is around 3km and dogs can swim in the artificial lake. You can too, but the water is rather cold already. By the track you will find two covered campfire sites with the needed wood. So, take some sausages with you.

Also the city center has many green ares for walking but the market place during market hours doesn’t welcome dogs. Some restaurants welcome dogs, but mostly dogs are not allowed to enter restaurants and food markets.  

Places to visit without dogs

The restaurant boats on Aurajoki are our speciality if your looking for local feel and something to eat and drink.

The Turku castle is is also worth a visit, as are the museo  Ars Nova – Åboa Vetus  and Forum marinum with frigate Suomen Joutsen.

We Finns may not be the most outcoming but we are polite and we speak English, so do ask and reach for communication.

meet us!

As you are on our home grounds, you will have a special possibility to meet us. Not just on the booth at the AWC but on Funna lessons at Vanton tila. You are welcome to join us on Tuesday 17.9 or 24.9. on a spare lesson or we can arrange a private lesson. Do not hesitate to contact us!

If you are interested of our coach training, go book your interview to the competition site. Hilma will be happy to interview you there.


welcome to turku!