Well spend hour

March 4, 2019 - Hilma

We know parents live a busy life, more and more on children’s terms. You rush home from work, drive around to children’s hobbies and the time spend out or training with the dog might be that valuable me-time for you.

We have found out that parents by the training field rise the pressure children experience on the track. This is why we have a non-adult policy. The training venue is carefully selected and our coaches trained. It is safe to leave your child to have Funna fun in the lessons. While the children exercise, adults are encouraged to warm the dogs up and mingle together. We promise to have your kids activated for 3/4 of an hour. We avoid spare time and waiting. Every child has a few minutes with their dog to test out what they learned in the 1st part of the lesson. Once the dog is done, adults take care for its warming down while children cool down together in the lesson. So you don’t need to come early and warm up before the lesson starts.

A shared hobby with your child can be a huge pleasure for both of you. It brings you closer to each other, develops your communication and can even save time. Most important thing for a parent to keep in mind, is to be present in the moment. When working together with your child, criticality doesn’t help you. Always remember to be supportive and positive, show example. If you have trained a dog, you will find the best methods to be very alike.

On the way home, ask your child did he have fun and how did he do. Be interested and listen, you might learn something.

So, what a win-win hour! Child gets activated and challenged, the dog gets his daily activity and parent gets out walking and making new friends too. 4 strikes for an hour. That’s FUNNA!