Better posture

November 15, 2018 - Hilma

Modern life problem for children and adults is the neck and shoulder tension caused by long days at the computer or video game consoles and mobiles.

A strong core and active life style will help prevent the ache as they give you a better posture with muscles supporting it. As any sport, agility can offer you the fitness and better posture. The core training by Funna® will make you more agile and faster with clearer body cues.

So, up and do the agility!

Learking like a sheepdog is a great piece of warm up and a workout for shoulders and upper back. The cat like movement is gentle, effective and easy for children to follow. They enjoy it. Best served with a story – the Funna way.

Have a go yourself. How would you tell this story:

Stand straight and roll your shoulders forward one by one. Walk slowly forward while rolling your shoulders. Repeat backwards. You may also follow your shoulder movements back with your sight.

How did that feel? Did you enjoy the movement and rush of endorphins?

We find the agility as addictive as those console games. But hey, it’s healthier!

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